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This page will contain list of officers, members, etc.

Winter Springs Rotary Club

Officers and Directors

William F. Geisler (Club President)
Ruth Rudy (President-Elect 2001-2002)
Tommy J. Lenzini (Vice-President)
Ramon Silva-Velez (Club Secretary)
Timothy M. Slattery (Club Treasurer)
Doreen Young (Sergeant-At-Arms)
A. Mark Sardo (Past President)
Roger E. Owen (Programs Chairman)
Paul Finnegan (Programs)
Philip H. Ray (Programs)
Ramon Silva-Velez (Bulletin Editor)
James T. Fry (Director)
Marty Kramer (Director)
Philip H. Ray (Director)
Randy Schwartz (Director)
James E. Mulvey (Director)
Harold E. Kennedy (Director)

Recent Events

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Art Auction a success!

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