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Winter Springs Rotary Club

Who Can Join?

Rotary International is one of the world's largest service organizations, with some 29,500 clubs in more than 160 countries. Annually, Rotary clubs worldwide invite a limited number of men and women to become members. These prospective members represent various businesses and professional activities in their communities. As a progressive-minded business or professional person, you will see that belonging to a Rotary club, where outstanding representatives of the different vocations in your community come together, has its benefits.

How Can You Join?

To be invited, you must be:

A leading representative of your business or professional activity

Willing to help and participate in projects that enhance your community

Willing to work on projects that help people in developing countries and promote international understanding and goodwill

Benefits of Joining

Rotary clubs provide:

Friendships with other managerial and professional leaders in your community

Prestige of membership in a worldwide organization

Ongoing practical education

A networking of people who can help you become more successful

Promotion of higher ethical standards in your business or profession

Projects to enhance your community

Help for communities in countries around the world

This information taken from the Rotary International website